Diamond-CVD/HPHT-Moissanite Tester

New Diamond-CVD/HPHT-Moissanite Tester
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At a glance…

  • The only machine available that tests for Diamond, CVD/HPHT, and Moissanite
  • 100% accuracy for fully trustworthy test results
  • Pocket-sized tester for loose gemstones
  • Straightforward and easy to use design suits the needs of anybody out there

GemTrue Veritas: Diamond – CVD/HPHT – Moissanite Tester

The Veritas CVD Diamond Tester is the newest tester from Gemtrue. This unique device is the only tester on the market that is capable of distinguishing between natural Diamond, CVD/HPHT, and Moissanite. If you’re looking for a pocket-sized CVD diamond tester that has it all, the GemTrue Veritas is the perfect gadget for you. This superior tester has been designed and manufactured in-house by our British engineers to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. With this beautiful gizmo at your side, distinguishing diamond, CVD-HPHT, and Moissanite has never been easier.

This GemTrue Veritas CVD Diamond tester features an easy to use and straightforward design. Thanks to its compact body, you can easily carry it along no matter where you’re headed. The Veritas CVD Diamond tester is powered by four regular AAA batteries. Additionally, it comes with a micro-USB input that allows you to charge it through your laptop, PC, or power bank. With its low battery warning and automatic shut off feature, this CVD diamond tester lets you take the most out of its battery life.

In order to use your CVD diamond tester, simply open up the lid and place your gem in the center of the tester. The Veritas has been designed specifically to test single gemstones only. After placing your loose gemstone in the tester, close the lid, and press the button. Right now, your CVD diamond tester will work its magic and will inform you within several seconds about the authenticity of your gem. Once your gem has been analyzed, the tester will provide you with both spoken (English) and visual feedback on its test result. Like any other advanced GemTrue tester, the Veritas uses an LED color identification code for its test results using blue for diamond, green for moissanite, and red for CVD-HTHP.

The GemTrue Veritas CVD Diamond Tester features automatic calibration each time the tester is switched on. Thanks to this, you can enjoy perfect accuracy over and over again. This little beauty is easy to use which makes it perfect for beginning jewelers and professionals alike. As always, we have used the latest technology and hardware to make sure our tester is nothing but perfect. Our skilled team of engineers has put an enormous amount of time and effort into the research and development of the Veritas CVD Diamond tester and we are fully confident that it will meet all your expectations and demands. 

If you have always dreamt of owning a pocket-sized diamond tester that is capable of distinguishing between natural diamond, CVD-HPHT, and Moissanite – the GemTrue Veritas is THE gadget for you. 
Product Dimensions: 125 x 58 x 35mm (4.9 x 2.2 x 1.4in)
Product Weight: 105g (0.23lb)
Battery Type: Standard USB Cable for powering.
Or 4 x AAA battery
Battery Life: approximately 1 minutes of continuous use
Low Battery Warning: yes
LED Display: yes
Vocal Test Results: yes
Operating Temperature:
Operating temperature: 18°C - 28°C (64°F - 82°F)
Storage temperature: 35°C - 53°C (95°F - 127°F)

Package Content :
1x DK10100 Veritas GemTrue CVD and Moissanite Tester
1x User manual
1x USB cable
1x carrying Velvet Pouch
1x Black Zip case



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